Scenic Artist
Training Program

Our 2-year cornerstone program provides complete training to become a professional Scenic Artist.

Specialty Pro-Seminars
Looking for fresh and exciting ways to expand your professional skills? Choose from over a dozen 3 to 5-day programs.

Advanced Independent Studies in Scenic Art
Let us help you design a self-directed course of study to further your scenic artist training.

A Month at Cobalt
You deserve an educational sabbatical! Come experience a "slice of life at Cobalt".


Summer Scene Painting
Immerse yourself in 3 weeks of intensive study of scene painting.

Teacher's Training for Scenic Painting
Increase your skills and boost your knowledge. Designed for high school and college/university theatre instructors.


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The 2 Year Scenic Artist Training Program is currently accepting applications for Fall of 2013.

We are now accepting applications for 2013. Click HERE for all the details!
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New Specialty Pro Seminars have been scheduled for the Fall semester.
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Summer Scene Painting is currently accepting applications for 2 sessions in 2013. Space is limited!
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